Many people mistakenly think that because you grow a second set of teeth, dental health is not as important in early youth as it is once your permanent teeth come in. Dental health for babies is more important than you may think. Get tips for healthy mouths in the first years and beyond.


Oral care should start at birth. It’s a good idea to clean your infant’s gums even before they get teeth, and many dentists recommend a visit before your child turns one, just to make sure teeth and gums are in optimum shape.


Even in the early months, your baby’s teeth are likely to come into contact with sugary substances that promote bacteria growth and cavities, like sugary liquids from formula and milk. Brushing before bedtime will remove these substances before sleeping to prevent cavities.


If using pacifiers, choose a one-piece model, rather than one made of smaller pieces that can break apart and become a choking hazard. Be sure that the pacifier is large enough that the child can’t swallow it and that it is made of a nontoxic and flexible material. Always check that the pacifier is sound (no tears/rips) before giving it to the child.


With a thousand things to think about in the life of a new parent, considering oral health in addition might seem overwhelming. But it’s important! With these tips in mind, you can make sure that your baby is on the way to a life of great oral health.

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