At Johns Dentistry, each of our patients is very special to us. Our patients with diabetes receive a little extra attention simply because we know you have some additional concerns.

We encourage our patients with diabetes to be aware of potential issues with gum disease, which can be your most common problem. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to come in for a regular dental cleaning. Our expert staff can spot the trouble signs of gum disease before they cause you problems.

We don’t want to see any of our patients in pain! Gum disease can create pain when chewing as well as pain in the mouth or even in the sinus area that just won’t seem to ease up.

People with diabetes, particularly if the disease is not under proper control, take a little longer to heal. If you are scheduled for any kind of dental surgery, your dentist needs to know about your diabetes. Of course, keeping your blood sugar levels in check will help tremendously also.

Dry mouth can also be an issue if you have diabetes. Again, the condition tends to worsen when your blood sugar is high. You can alleviate dry mouth by drinking more fluids, especially water, or chewing sugar-free gum, which helps create more saliva.

It truly all comes down to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. We urge all of our patients to brush and floss regularly, but that becomes particularly important when you have diabetes. We want to keep any of these conditions from causing infections and we want to keep you smiling and happy!

Schedule your dental cleaning today and be sure to let us know about your diabetes so we can take extra special care of you!


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