It’s the one holiday that can make kids sing while simultaneously making parents cringe – at the thought of their children’s dental health – Halloween! Let’s face it: candy is a part of the tradition, and it’s hard to avoid. Have a mouth-healthier Halloween with these tips.

First, try keeping healthier treats around your house during the holiday. Fruit, pretzels, yogurt covered nuts and sugar free gum are some great examples of things you can give the kids without too much worry about cavities. It’s also a good idea to keep non-food treats around – stickers, bubbles, glow sticks, pencils and pencil toppers, and little Halloween themed plastic toys are all good ideas.

Next, when your children do indulge in the inevitable piece of candy, do whatever you can to reduce the damage these occasional treats can do to their teeth. Try limiting candies to immediately after a meal when the saliva produced during the meal will help to wash away the sugar that can cause tooth decay, and opt for non-sticky candy like chocolate. Encourage your kids to brush their teeth directly after indulgences like these, and set a limit to how many pieces of candy they may have each day. This last tip not only encourages a healthy Halloween mouth, but it makes their candy last that much longer!

And finally, just as your family celebrates Halloween, it’s a great idea to start a tradition to celebrate National Brush Day on November 1st! It’s a real holiday and it’s a great opportunity to reiterate to your kids the importance of brushing your teeth with proper technique (which you’ve surely read about before here on the Johns Dentistry Blog!)

So there you have it folks. Halloween doesn’t have to make you scream as a concerned parent! There’s plenty you can do to ensure that your family has a mouth-healthy holiday this year and every year.

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