Healthy Habits for Back to School

Now that the kids are back in school and life has become busy with homework, after school activities, and fall sports, it’s a good time to make sure you’re keeping a healthy routine for the whole family. Once school starts, everyone may find it’s more challenging to maintain good eating and sleeping habits. Keep these points in mind for your family’s continued good health:

  • Pack healthy lunches. Kids and adults alike can participate in packing their own lunches, for school and for work. Lay out several healthy options for them to choose from, including sliced fruit and veggies and non-sugary beverages.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime. Get the homework done right after school or in the early evening. Start relaxing by turning off the television and other electronics, reading for a while, taking a warm bath, and getting into some comfy pajamas. Once bedtime arrives, it’s lights out and heads on the pillows for everyone!
  • Brush and floss regularly: Kids get in a hurry in the morning and are tired at night, but they still need to take two minutes to brush their teeth twice a day. This applies to the busy, tired adults too!
  • Keep healthy snacks out for after school: Kids come home from school hungry and will grab the first thing they see to eat! Make their first option a good option, with sliced fruit or veggies and a healthy dip placed strategically on the top shelf in the fridge.
  • Sit down for family dinners: Between homework, school activities, and sports, it usually always seems easier to grab dinner at a fast food restaurant on the way home. While this may occasionally be the best option, sit down for family dinners as often as possible. Cook healthy meals and enjoy the conversation at the dinner table without electronics or other distractions!
  • Make appointments for checkups and dental cleanings: Don’t forget that very important dental appointment for each member of the family to check for issues and to get a professional cleaning, to keep teeth healthy!

Take the time to maintain these healthy habits for your back to school crowd! Staying in a routine will help everyone stay on track for good health throughout the school year.

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