Root canals have a bad reputation as being very painful procedures, but the truth of the matter is that they are designed to remove the infected pulp of the tooth in order to stop inflammation and pain. Most patients describe the process as painless.

Who needs a root canal? If you’ve had a cracked or broken tooth, injury to the tooth (without visible cracks), a deep cavity or a problem tooth with several dental procedures, you may be at risk for infected pulp. Tooth pulp is the soft tissue inside the tooth that may become inflamed or diseased, possibly even reaching down to the nerve.

Regular dental exams can help detect the need for root canals, as some people are asymptomatic. Others may be in great pain and not know the cause.

If your dentist determines a root canal is right for you, your scheduled procedure will include a local anesthetic, creating a small hole in the tooth to remove dead pulp, disinfect and fill. The canal is then sealed using an adhesive cement to prevent a recurring infection. Your dentist will also discuss preventative care and maintenance to have a healthy mouth moving forward.

All of this is usually done in a single session, without any pain. At Johns Dentistry, we also offer a complimentary comfort menu, including personalized streaming music, a large movie selection, blankets, support pillows and sedation dentistry, if it’s right for you. If you hear you need a root canal, rest assured that the Johns Dentistry family will take great care of you from start to finish, all with comfort in mind.

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