As the weather warms up, students are back on the field, track and court for sports. It’s a great time to take a look at the safety precautions athletes should take to minimize injuries to the mouth and teeth.

Mouth Guards are one of the most important ways to protect teeth during contact sports. Mouth guards can be purchased from a variety of retailers, from drugstores to online outlets and dentist offices. Custom mouth guards from a dentistry can offer an additional level of protection for the teeth and mouth, as they’re shaped to fit. The cost of custom mouth guards can offset the potential costs of fixing a permanent tooth with damage.

Helmets are not only a requirement of some sports, but can also protect the skull, face and mouth during high impact activities like football and hockey. An addition or variation to the traditional helmet is a face guard, often worn on hockey players’ masks to prevent oral injury from pucks, hockey sticks and other players’ limbs.

Protective eyewear can be another important item to consider in order to protect the delicate eye area of the face.

Be sure to consult your doctor and dentist for any concerns related to keeping your or your child’s face safe during the sports season.

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